Small Scale Education System(SSES) SBR301

Admit the student to your institution by Inquiry/Admission Module which has the facility to store admission details on the portal.

Email/SMS Integration

a. Instant SMS
b. Hot News Feature
c. Other SMS Notifications

Innovative Multiple Dashboards

Dashboard provides all the information stored in the portal in a single platform providing you with innovative view of the information.

Courses Hierarchy

a. Course Only
b. Course Sub-Course
c. Course Sub-course Subject

Batch Creation with Timetable for Students

Batches can be created for every coarse and timings are allotted to all the batches in this section of the portal.

Student Fee

Enter payment Details of the student fees and keep records of the their Payments. Create installments for students for part payments. Receipts will be created by itself after every payments. Printing options are provided.


a. Manual Attendance System
b. Plug-in for Auto Attendance

OTP Approval Process

Apply for Requests to your seniors or approve request of juniors with One time Password approval process.


a. Multiple Facility Support
b. Facility Pricing Integration with Fees Module

Installment & Payment

a. Auto Notification Features
b. Single/Multiple Installment Support
c. On demand discount feature
d. Cash/Cheque Payment Support
e. Online Payment

Immediate Revenue Collection

Institution Revenue is collected in terms School Fees and Facility Charges. So Commercial application of creating fees structure, collection of payments and bill printing is also provided within the portal.

Event Management

Picnic is after Five Days, Notify the students, Parents and staff by adding event in Event Notification System (ENS) of the web portal.

Regional Settings

A Student is staying somewhere too far; add the regions where he is staying in the regional settings.

Holiday Management

Various public holidays can be scheduled in Holiday Notification (HNS), so that students, Parents & Staff can view them on their logged-in pages.

Exam Module - Scheduled & Result Updates

a. Question Bank Management
b. Build Exam Paper
c. Auto SMS for exams & results

Online Job Opportunities

For Appointing a new lecturer, there is a module provided for recruitments

Graphical Representation of Reports

Here you can view Attractive statistical reports providing details of your school attendance, Student result, inquiry, Admission detail, admission detail, Employee detail, pending detail report etc.

Medium Scale Education System(MSES) SBR302 +SSES
Multiuser Platform

a. Staff Login
b. WSC for Student
c. WSC for Parents

Access Rights Management

a. Department Wise Access Group
b. Role Allocation for Staff


To provide discount to EBC Students, Not an issue. Portal also provides the feature to provide discount in the fee structure.

Upload Excel

Files can be downloaded and uploaded in excel format, this helps in easy editing.

Document Management

a. Upload Document Feature
b. Gallery Module

Student/Parent Web self care

Parents as well as student can login within the portal and check the status, recent activities, Scheduled Exam and many more stuffs.

Internal Communication System

a. Mail Communication
b. Independent Chat Session

Leave Management

a. Customized Rule Creation
b. Multiple Leave Categories (CL,PL, SL etc)
c. Customized Category Support
d. Leave approval Mechanism.

Payroll Management

a. Department Wise Salary Templates
b. Auto Sending Salary Slips

Staff Attendance Integrated API

Staff Attendance is maintained using Machine integration where finger print reader is mainly used (You can also use RFID Cards).

Approvals Management

a. Single Layer Approval Support
b. Multiple Layer Approval Support

Class Topic Management

a. Plan - Topic Completion Chart
b. Actual - Topic Completion Chart

Cash Book

This provision is where staff requests for credibility of cash; this maintains credibility records of staff.

Cheque Printing Integrated API

a. Maintain Cheque History
b. Any Bank Cheque Printing Support

MP3/VIDEO Support

a. Online Audio Lecture Feature
b. Online Video Lecture Feature
c. No of Time Access Restriction


Blog Feature

a. Create Blog
b. Leave Comment on Blog

Evaluation Management

Handle your Staff Working Details and give them Positive or Nagative mark.

Large Scale Education System(LSES) SBR303 +MSES
Branch Level Concept

a. Solution for Universities
b. Single / Multiple School Concept
c. Institutes Coverage

Library Management

Keep Records of books and borrowers in your library with efficiency.

Inventory Management

Manage your Stationary, Canteen and other inventory material with accuracy.

Hostel Management

Managing your hostel becomes easy with built-in hostel management system. This Feature is under Road map.

HSRC System

HSRC (Human Science Research Council) Management helps you to manage and maintain records of student health and provides you with student health Statuses.

Alumni Management

Handle your alumini students records and keep records of passed out students.

Placement Management

Campus recruitments can also me managed within the portal itself.

Financial Management